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White water lily

Josephine Creek

Well, I finally decided to go paddle today. The target body of water was Josephine Creek. I’d driven over it several times but couldn’t find much information on it. After talking to some locals, I drove to Henderson’s Fish Camp and paddled across Lake Istokpoga to the mouth of the creek. On the way there, I snapped the pictures of the little blue heron and the white water lily. The first significant feature in the creek was a fallen pine tree that was almost totally overgrown with wild grasses and vines. I spotted one gator on a shady bank that stayed still long enough for a picture. The other gators in the creek were fairly shy and dove before I got into camera range. The paddle was very short due to a deadfall across the creek and what appeared to be wire fencing across the creek just beyond that, no doubt an attempt by the major local landowner to restrict access illegally. The strangest event I’ve had while paddling anywhere occurred on the return trip. I had to yield to 4 cows wading in the creek. I’ve read too many westerns to think they’re absolutely tame creatures so I waited for them to move on. 

Gator on the bank

Gator on the bank

Overgrown pine tree

Little blue heron

White water lily

First impressions

This is a very nice park: good swimming pool, tennis courts, rec hall with lots of equipment. The only bad thing is the nearest Walmart is 30 miles in any direction. People are nice. I’ve found 2 small state parks nearby that I’ll try out soon for hiking. Rode my 3G Stepper for 10 miles on US 27 without getting run over. Found 2 Chinese buffets and a Golden Corral. All in all pretty good. I’m even getting some extra hours for pay so that will help.

Travel Day, Part 2

Arrived at Sunshine RV Resort safely. They had poured  a new patio pad for me but the site was too short for the Bighorn. Found another site, this one a back-in and got situated OK. Then I found out they were on a boil water alert for the next 72 hrs. Oh well, head to the corner gas station for some drinking water. Also a good excuse to eat more Rahmen noodles :-) Dakota started settling down when the slides were back out.

Ready to roll

Travel Day, Part 1

I didn’t want to stress out today so I didn’t set a firm time to leave. Just guesstimated that it would be around 10 AM. Dakota was very upset but I managed to get all the slides in without getting her caught. She was content to ride in the RV instead of the truck. Made it to Ft Pierce and planned to have the buffet at the Flying J but it was changed to a Denny’s since Pilot bought out Flying J. Ate there anyway. The next item on the agenda was to weigh the rig. Damn, their scales were torn apart. Went to the next exit and got weighed – dropped 800 lbs since last weigh. Got on SR70 for the last leg of the trip. Got stopped by a flagman where the road narrowed to 1 lane. Heard a knocking on my passenger window. It was the trucker stopped behind me telling one of the RV tires was going flat. Lucky me, the flagman just moved behind the RV so I was able to change the tire safely and be back on my way in less than 30 minutes. It was the same tire with the leaky valve stem.

Getting ready to hit the road again

Got the winter job lined up in Lake Placid FL.  Started getting the truck and 5th wheel ready in August. Had 3 problems on the 5er – dump valve cable on one of the gray tanks broke, leaking tire, and can’t remember the third. Replaced the cable without much trouble. Took the tire off and went to the tire shop. They said it was just a leaky valve stem that they tightened at no charge.