Monthly Archives: October 2010

Motorhome burned in park

Yesterday afternoon a very expensive Class A motorhome here in the park burned down. Fortunately, the couple was away at a doctor’s appointment and they left the front door open so we could let the cat escape. The fire started in the refrigerator compartment and escalated quickly. Within 15 minutes, it was a total loss for insurance purposes. It took about 30 minutes to get to the point in the pictures below. You can click each picture for a larger version, then use your browser back button.

No more extra hours

Well, the maintenance chief stopped by this afternoon and told my that they wouldn’t need me to work extra hours anymore starting in November. It wasn’t a big surprise and I actually feel pretty good about it. The extra hours for 2 months was nice but now I’ll have more time to work on software sales, sleep in, play tennis, kayak, etc.

Resident Wildlife

It’s always nice to have resident wildlife in the RV park. Here we have a family of sandhill cranes. I’m still hoping for better pictures but these should do for now.

Papa crane

Mom and junior