Monthly Archives: December 2010

My house has wheels….

so if I don’t like where I’m at, I can move on down the road. Unfortunately, the situation at my current park has come to that. There are certain days that are very busy at this park. Those days are known well in advance. The park wants all camp hosts to work on those days. I don’t have a problem with working extra hours but the park wants those hours to be ‘volunteered’. Sorry, but that’s where I draw the line. If they had an RV pull in wanting to stay 3 nights but only pay for 2, I’m pretty sure what the answer would be. It shouldn’t be any different for workampers.

Peace River 12/17/10

Got to paddle a 9 mile stretch of the Peace River between Brownville Park and Arcadia with new friends from Ontario, snowbirding here in Lake Placid. The water was cold, as found out by one couple who fell out of their canoe on some shoals, but the weather was great. It was a good omen that we spotted a bald eagle just as we started the paddle.