Ready to roll

Travel Day, Part 1

I didn’t want to stress out today so I didn’t set a firm time to leave. Just guesstimated that it would be around 10 AM. Dakota was very upset but I managed to get all the slides in without getting her caught. She was content to ride in the RV instead of the truck. Made it to Ft Pierce and planned to have the buffet at the Flying J but it was changed to a Denny’s since Pilot bought out Flying J. Ate there anyway. The next item on the agenda was to weigh the rig. Damn, their scales were torn apart. Went to the next exit and got weighed – dropped 800 lbs since last weigh. Got on SR70 for the last leg of the trip. Got stopped by a flagman where the road narrowed to 1 lane. Heard a knocking on my passenger window. It was the trucker stopped behind me telling one of the RV tires was going flat. Lucky me, the flagman just moved behind the RV so I was able to change the tire safely and be back on my way in less than 30 minutes. It was the same tire with the leaky valve stem.

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