Adventures in dry camping

Well, for the second time here at Patrick AFB famcamp I’m back in the field dry camping. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds since the bathhouse and laundry are just a short walk away. But it can get interesting. I needed to print out a shipping label today. Hmmm, printer works off 110v but I only have 12v in the rig. I could cart the printer and laptop down to the laundry and plug in there, or I could take both out to the truck and use the 400w inverter in the cigarette lighter. Wait! I have a 12v outlet at the computer desk. Voila! Reposition the truck in front of the 5er, hook up umbilical and leave truck running to recharge RV battery. Bring inverter inside, plug into 12v outlet, then plug printer into inverter. Hold breath, turn on printer. Works like a champ. Print shipping label, go to post office. Another satisfied customer of Symptom Tracker Software.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been acting like I’m tent camping. Lights and heat are provided by candles and headlamps. I do have the frig running on propane and enough water in the fresh water tank for late night toilet flushes and a little dish washing. But at least I stay dry and have an actual bed to sleep in at night. Life is good. Hopefully only 8 more days, then I move to a partial hookup site.

For those who haven’t gotten the change of plans for this summer, I’ll be working just north of Bryson City NC at Deep Creek Campground. With any luck I’ll find time to wander down to NOC and see what they have to offer, maybe 1 trip to Helen GA for a fudge run. :-)

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