The rest of 2011

Wow, I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post. Part of that was expected since I went from North Carolina to a nudist campground in south Georgia. That experience was much less than I’d hoped for. The campground itself was nice although it had no amenities other than the pool. The hot tub was broken the entire time I was there. At the time I left, the owner was considering just setting it on the curb cuz she was tired of repairing it. The campground was never full in the time I was there and sometimes went days without any visitors at all. Oh well, at least I got to work on my tan.

From there I went to northern Minnesota (after a brief visit with family in Indiana) to work the sugar beet harvest. This was a new experience for me but since the foreman was a friend of mine, I got several promotions while I was still driving there. It turns out I have a certain aptitude for operating a beet piler. The weather was so nice during the first week of October that they had to stop the harvest due to high temps. During that small hiatus I got my first ever kidney stone attack, thought I was going to die in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, everyone in that part of the country is extremely nice and I made it through the ordeal in one piece.  Made some good money and will probably return for at least one more season.

The day I left I only made it about 20 miles down the road before the truck started overheating. I spent a cold Sunday night in a gravel parking lot on the outskirts of Oslo MN, pop 350 but the local Chevy dealer had me back on the road by early Monday afternoon.

Made it to San Antonio with only 2 rest stops and checked in at Lackland AFB famcamp. This famcamp doesn’t seem as friendly as the one at Patrick AFB and it’s certainly not as big. My 30 days is almost up and I have reservations at Ft Sam Houston, on the NE side of San Antonio. Still not sure where I’m going after that but I have a little time to check civilian RV parks in the area for availability.

Quick update to that last paragraph. I’m heading to an RV campground just west of Austin. I also have an interview lined up for a 3 month contract IT job in Austin. Hoping I do well and get the job to pay for my winter camping here in TX and probably expenses up to Washington.

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