Amazon coming to an end

Somehow I’ve managed to survive the last few weeks and the end is in sight. Lots of blisters and sore feet and one stomach virus that fortunately happened on some days off. My last day was supposed to be Dec 22 but they just sent out another email changing that to Dec 21. So, looking at the calendar I only have 1.5 shifts left. I could practically do that walking on my hands so the bonus should be a ‘gimme’. Of course, the downside is losing more pay this period, especially the overtime. There’s been a lot of that this season. One week they cut our overtime shift entirely. Other days they would release us early to minimize the overtime for that week. I’m not sure if it’s because of the economy overall, whether people are shopping elsewhere or if it’s still Sandy-related problems. Now I’ll adjust my pre-departure a little and be on the road to nice, warm Florida this Saturday. That means I’ll be set up at the campground at Patrick AFB well before Christmas day and get to see my new granddaughter that much sooner.

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