May 2014

Even though things were looking good at the end of last month, they certainly did a 360 this month.

That job I applied for? And had such high hopes for? Well, weeks went by and I heard absolutely nothing. I finally emailed them requesting an update and that was ignored. So I composed another email, detailing all the actions/effort I’d put in to get this job and how their silence was just plain rude. I did get an answer to that one. Apparently I struck a nerve. One of the things they mentioned in that email was that 2 of my most recent employers refrained from answering the question about whether they would rehire me. I have to blame lawyers and litigious job applicants on that one. When you only do seasonal work you’re really not there long enough to make a major impression. Anyway, as far as jobs are concerned, I’m starting to feel like a couple of guys in the movie “Mr. Mom”. It was shortly after Michael Keaton got laid off and there were 3 of them in the waiting area, ready to interview but the 2 other guys were busily exchanging recipes. One of their names was called and they graciously allowed Michael Keaton to go in first, knowing that their chances of getting the job were virtually nil. The tough part about all this is that I don’t even qualify for unemployment here in FL.

Next, the 3G Stepper. I was blazing around the park for a few weeks when I noticed a strange noise. I flipped the bike upside down and found one of the roller pedals was completely worn through. So, I ordered 2 new roller pedals and while I was waiting for them to arrive, studied the design of the bike. The roller pedals are 1.5 inches wide but they make contact with a square metal tube that’s only 1″ wide. I headed to the local department store for some 1/8″ thick, 2″ wide metal stock and cut sections to fit. I originally used JB Weld to hold them in place but that failed. Fortunately, one of the guys in the park is a welder and he tack welded the pieces in place at no charge. While I was waiting for the roller pedals to arrive, I noticed that cord was showing on the rear tire. I found a source on eBay that was about $10 cheaper than the manufacturer and replaced that easily. After all this, I feel like they had a great concept for this product but under-engineered the final product. It’s great if you’re just showing off a little at the beach but really needs to be stronger for serious workouts. I’m currently riding mine 13 miles/day, 3 times a week.

On the health front, I diagnosed myself with ‘wallet sciatica’. You can look that up for yourself but the end result was less jogging. Just starting to jog slowly again during my morning walks and seems to be getting better. The worse incident was another trip to the ER. As I expected, another kidney stone. Fortunately, this one seemed to be smaller than my last one. The pain subsided while I was in the ER, without benefit of puking :-) I’m fairly certain that I passed it completely a few days later.

Hoping for a better June!!


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