Monthly Archives: March 2011

Nasty Weather at Patrick AFB

We just had a strong line of thunderstorms move through. They were forecast for high wind speeds of 55mph. I’m not sure what the actual speeds were but 2 tractor trailers were knocked over on nearby I-95. Don’t know if they were loaded or not. As the front was moving through, my RV was shaking and rocking like the Swedish bikini volleyball team was inside. A large tree limb was blown down and missed my truck by inches. The covered ‘socializing’ area is no longer covered.

Another great paddle

My time in Florida grows short and Monday was a beautiful day for a paddle. I dragged my kayak the 100 yds to the river and the water was like glass. I jumped in and quickly paddled across the Banana River to Merritt Island. Along the way I tried chasing a dolphin and numerous stingrays. Those critters are very fast and sneaky. It’s like they were born in the water :-) I also spotted quite a few mating horseshoe crabs while floating through the shallows. The finale for this paddle was spotting a huge white swan, not my normal bird sighting in Florida. I was able to get quite close to it to be sure of the identification. Unfortunately, I did not take my camera on this paddle. However, I’m including some representative pics of everything except the dolphin. On the paddle back to the famcamp, the wind picked up, naturally. Wave heights looked like 8-12 inches, maybe some a little higher. It’s a very good thing I had my spray skirt on or it could have been a wet and cold return paddle.