Monthly Archives: April 2011

Arrived in Bryson City

I’ve arrived at my summer job, Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground. The drive was uneventful but interesting. Lots of hills and curves kept the torque converter and exhaust brake earning their keep. Then in town none of the street signs were where I was looking so I ended up going down some very narrow streets with tight turns. Fortunately I didn’t hit anyone or anything on the way to the campground. Got set up on my site, plenty of room (except for parkingĀ  the truck naturally). I even get cable, including ESPN and CNBC – good deal. The campground is fairly small and the other workampers say I won’t get worked to death. There’s even a small Chinese buffet in town. Another good point, no leash requirement for cats, so Dakota is roaming outside as I type this. The owners keep some goats on the property for kids to pet and I saw either a woodchuck or beaver scooting across the road last night. Should be an interesting summer.

Click on the Deep Creek link below, then the attachment link to see the creek in action. It’s in QuickTime Movie format.

Deep Creek