Monthly Archives: September 2012

Weather delay already

….and now we wait. 10 days ago there were rumors that we might start the main harvest 2 days early. Everyone was very excited about that since that would mean starting with weekend premium pay. Unfortunately, the weather changed and it will be a little too warm to pile sugar beets this weekend. Now we might start on Tuesday or Wednesday. Here’s hoping we’ll still get 2 weekends in before end of harvest – that’s where the big bucks are. Time and a half for Saturdays and double time for Sundays!!

Decisions, Decisions

So, I’m back in Stephen MN for the annual sugar beet harvest. They actually have 2 parts to the harvest. The pre-pile started in mid-August this year so I was able to get some work in before the main harvest, which starts on October 1 (or close to it). Pre-pile is sort of like spring training for the harvest. It allows new people to get training, work out equipment problems and check the current beet quality.

After the pre-pile at Stephen was complete, I was also able to work at a different site for a few days. Today I got a major surprise. I was approached about becoming a foreman next year. What a conondrum!¬†On the positive side it would mean higher hourly salary and more hours each season. On the negative side, it would mean more hours each season and supervising temp employees. I’m supposed to find out next week what else the job would entail.

I’m really at a crossroads here. One of the reasons they asked me is because they have other plans for my current foreman, who happens to be a good boss. So, if I refuse, I could end up with an asshole for a new boss. This will definitely take some serious thought.