Beet Harvest Over, Bring on Amazon

Well, it’s over for me and a lot of other seasonal workers anyway. I left MN a week ago so I could get to Campbellsville KY on time to start my next job.

It was a strange season for the harvest, at least for me. First, the start of the harvest was delayed due to warm temps. Then we got to work for a day and went into another hold for snow. The rest of the season was very slow due to wet and cold conditions. As of today, they’re still trying to finish the harvest but the farmers may have to resort to collecting crop insurance. Even if enough people stay to work, Mother Nature may have the last say.

So, I had an uneventful drive to IN to visit family. It was a little dicey driving around the twin cities in MN since it was the tail end of rush hour, rainy, dark, construction zones and several Interstate merges. I stayed at Caboose Lake Campground in Remington IN again, always a nice place to stay. The owner was testing her customers by puttingĀ a special line in the campground rules. I caught it and was only the 6th person this year to claim a 10% discount in the store for reading the rules.

Finished the drive to KY and got into my campsite. I was catching up on some computer stuff when I noticed another 5th wheel backing into the site next to me. A little while later I went outside and discovered damage to my kayak racks. After surveying the situation I decided that the neighbors must have hit it. I knocked on the door and explained the situation to the wife. She assured me that they couldn’t possibly have hit my kayak or racks and invited me to inspect the rear of their RV. We both walked back there and discovered a 1 ft gash in the endcap, at the exact same height as my kayak rack. What a surprise!! We’re dealing with insurance now for repairs.

Just started training with Amazon this week but it doesn’t look terribly difficult. Can’t wait to get back to warm weather in FL.


2 thoughts on “Beet Harvest Over, Bring on Amazon

    1. joe Post author

      In italics, between 2 rules about vehicles, was the following line:
      10% Off First Purchase in our Camp Store for reading the rules.


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