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I’d like to welcome all the fine folks who are visiting my blog due to the link published by The Camping Dad. While we have different viewpoints, you should still be able to find useful information on both sites. As we were exchanging emails to set up the link exchange, spappy mentioned how envious he was that I was already fulltiming and he was still a ‘weekend warrior’ with young children.

Well, I thought about that for a few minutes and decided that I’m the one that should be envious. If I could turn back the calendar quite a few years, I would spend a lot more time in the woods with my (now grown) kids. And I would probably start that tradition at a much younger age, preferably before they got hooked on all the consumer electronics that are so prevalent today. I’ve seen teenagers and young adults at campgrounds lighting their way at night by using smart phones instead of flashlights. It worked for them but it certainly wasn’t traditional!

Maybe if more of us started that tradition early we could instill the respect for nature and other campers that is sorely lacking in so many campers today.

ON EDIT: There are some families out there who are fulltiming with school age children. The children are home-schooled wherever they happen to be. I think it’s great that the kids can actually see a civil war battlefield while they’re learning history but I would worry that they can’t make the lifelong friends that many children do while staying in one place. Please, no hate mail about this. It’s just my opinion.

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