More winter in Texas

It’s now the end of January and I’m back at Ft Sam Houston, right next to the spot I occupied last month. As I look around the RV park I see a lot of the same RVs as when I left. I knew they had a rule that you could stay indefinitely if you were being seen at the army hospital. I’m just not sure how so many retirees are eligible for treatment there.

Anyway, I just left Cottonwood Creek RV park, just west of Dripping Springs TX (west of Austin). The park itself was very nice, not crowded, level sites. Rates were good for sites and electric. Unfortunately, there were also 2 large aggressive german shepherd dogs there. The dog owners didn’t seem real concerned with breaking them of that behavior. As a result, during one of my walks on the trails at the back of the park, the dogs lunged at me as I was walking by. Even though they were leashed, they still managed to get a claw into the back of my leg. After notifying the campground¬†owners of the incident, the couple was NOT asked to leave. They’ve been wintering there for 4 years and were very friendly with the owners. So, if you go to this park in the winter beware of these dogs. The dog owners are from Ohio and drive a pickup truck with Ohio tag number W8FQ. Those appear to be ham radio call letters if you want to google them for the owners name.

The job I thought I was going to get was a disaster. It was advertised as a 3 month contract job by a national staffing agency. When I got to the interview, one of the interviewers mentioned right at the start that the client was very concerned about attendance during the first 4 months. Naturally, I stopped the interview and pointed out the error in the ad. When I got home I emailed the recruiter to be reimbursed for my travel expenses. She apologized but said that was impossible. Her boss also said that there were not procedures for that. After an email by me to the CEO, I got a call from the marketing president for this section of Texas. (I think that’s the same as the old regional manager, just fancier title.) Anyway, we talked, he admitted they were 100% wrong and wrote me a check for $50. Way to go Kforce.

One more job possibility down here but if that doesn’t pan out next week, I’ll quit looking and just start heading west at the end of February.

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